Outstanding Architectural Services

I had my drawings and design done for 6 meters Kitchen extension and summer house by GR ENGINEERS LTD. 1st from the name of the company, I thought, this one only serve the engineering stuffs. When i approach them for drawing, i found they delivered me neat and clean drawings. They have got the good terms with council’s planning department. Mr Mohi Ahmed, did not charge me any extra for any consultation with council’s planning department or any amendment in the drawings. I have checked the price of other cheap architects. Their initial price for drawings was cheap but some of them were charging £250 for any small amendment in the plans or structural calculations. I added my chimney stack removal for free of charge on Mohi’s service. After the projects were completed, i allowed him to take photos of the finished work. I am recommending him to my friends and families for the architectural design and the engineering calculations.